Meaning of Baglamukhi Mata, Baglamukhi Word Meaning

Meaning of Baglamukhi Mata, Baglamukhi Mata Meaning. Meaning of Word Baglamukhi, Baglamukhi Meaning, What is the Meaning of Baglamukhi Mata

Firstly, there are two words in the Baglamukhi word, namely “Bagla” and “Mukhi”.

Additionally, the word Bagla is said to be a corruption of Wagla (bridle), and interestingly, it consists of three letters.

Moreover, these three letters, VA, GA, and LA, hold symbolic meanings. The letter ‘VA’ represents Varuni, ‘GA’ represents Siddhida, and ‘LA’ represents the earth.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Baglamukhi Mata is known by different names in different regions. In North India, she is referred to as Pitambara, while in Bengal, she is known as Bhadra Kali, and as Shridevi in other contexts.

Additionally, when visualized, Goodness Bagalamukhi is often depicted as a beautiful woman with a golden complexion.

Lastly, she is depicted with ten faces and ten arms, holding a club and a noose in her hands.